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DiasporaDiaspora is a space shooter based on the series Battlestar Galactica. You will be able to participate in missions, fly on Raptors, Blackbirds and other spaceships from the fleet.

Of course, you will not run the Galaxy itself, where you just land and take off, but you have the ability to lead missions ... and everyone to listen to you ;)

The feel of the game is really close to that in the series, not just because of the non-newton physical model of the game, which allows for pretty maneuvers, but also because of sounds and vision in general.

The game, as other similar to it of the same kind (Wing Commander Saga,Vega Strike and etc.) is based on the FreeSpace2 endgine. There are similarities, but there are differences with other games.
What you need to know is that like in other similar games, many keys and combinations are used to use your ship at max. Do not overlook the introductory missions, even if you have played games of this type.

Let's not forget to mention, though not so important, that the game has a multiplayer mode.

The game requires a decent computer with a dual-core processor and a decent video card (ATI or Nvidia). With embedded Intel cards, it will not work. You need at least 2Gb RAM (better 4) and 3-4Gb on the hard drive.
After downloading and installing the game, download and install and patch for it, which updates it to version 1.1, and after that, download and apply the 1.1.1 patch.

Download Diaspora for Windows (~1,3Gb):
Download patch 1.1 for Windows (~300Mb):
DOWNLOAD Diaspora patch 1.1
Download patch 1.1.1 for Windows (~8Mb):
DOWNLOAD Diaspora patch 1.1.1
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