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XM-13: Deadly Assault3D game where you have a large and heavily armed robot that performs missions and fight with other robots.

The Intergalactic Federation is under threat of a military coup and your mission is to restore peace in the galaxy. You control the most modern military robot XM-13, which is loaded with the most advanced hardware, including plasma gun, laser cannon, rockets and jet boosters for moving quickly and maneuver.

Playing the game is quite easy. In the beginning there is a short tutorial mission, in which is easily mastered robot's movement and shooting. Life and boosters are recovered quickly while the energy for the gun is restored slower. In the tutorial it seems to missing one thing that you have to know - have dropped that by pressing Ctrl will zoom, giving you better targeting, something like a sniper mode.

Control keys are described in the game. It is best to start with the first offline mission. The mission is a short tutorial, in which you will learn the tricks of controlling the game.

Direct download of version за Windows (~98Mb) from here:
DOWNLOAD XM-13: Deadly Assault
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Download XM-13: Deadly Assault

Game trailer:
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