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Schnapsen (66)Schnapsen is one of the most popular card games in Austria. The game is played by two with a 20-card deck. The game can be played in network, against another player, or against the computer.

Unlike the German game 66, Schnapsen is played with 20 cards (ten, Jack, Queen, King and Ace of each color). Five cards are dealt. The winner is the one who first reaches 7 points.
Here, as with 66, there are announcements of 20 and 40, closing, and so on. The same is the goal - to collect 66 points from the cards you have taken (there is an option in the game, which can turn on the display of your current points).

More about the different variants of the game (Schnapsen, Santase and Sixty-Six), you can read here: тук.

To run the game, you must have Java installed (version 7 or later). If the game does not detect Java, it will open the site where you can download it.
To play the game, download the zip archive from the link below, unzip somewhere and run the exe file.

In the game you can adjust the color of the table, the type of cards, the display of your points, the sound, etc. With F1 you can see the rules of the game. You can choose between two languages - English and German.

The game can be played against a computer, with three levels of computer intelligence (easy, medium, and hard). It can also be played in a network, with one player running a server and the other connected to it.

Happy play!.

Download version 1.50 for Windows here:
download Schnapsen v1.50

Official download page:
Schnapsen download

Official site:

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