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Birth of the EmpiresBirth of the Empires (also known as BotE) is a turn-based 4X strategy game. Like the Microprose's classics Master of Orion and ST: Birth of the Federation, the action is set in space. You can choose from one of six major races. The aim is to gain control and supremacy over a part of the galaxy, either by military or diplomatic means. Further victory conditions are available at game start (alongside other settings).

The story:
Earth, 2121: Spaceflight coming nearer and the third world war was long in the past, the future looks bright again for mankind. The whole universe with all its fascinating worlds, lifeforms, species and anomalies lies ahead of each brave man and woman aboard their starships eager to find new life, a new home and contact to whatever civilization there may be outside Earth system, to explore the unexplored, to encounter the unencountered.

Take command of one race during the beginning stages of their empire, but beware, there is more than one way leading to victory and each time, mastering it will be different. It will likely change and you are challenged to keep the balance within the galaxy quadrant or seize galactic power for your race and thereby establish your own balance in the galaxy.

Before start playing, it's a good idea to take a look at the tutorial here.

The game has two Windows versions. The original one (written in C++) and the new one (rewitten in Java) available for Windows, Linux and Android.
Please have in mind, that the Java version for Windows requires Java. Also if your screen looks strange, just start the .jre without using the bote.exe launcher.

Download page at the official site (original version):
DOWNLOAD Birth of the Empires
Download page at the official site (new version - Windows/Linux/Android):
DOWNLOAD Birth of the Empires
Official site (original version):
Official site (new version):
Game video:

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