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Pirates of New HorizonsQuest game with excellent 3D graphics. In the game, you are a young space pirate (female pirate) that falls to variety of challenges.

It is very important is to read the instructions and to follow the arrow indicating the location of the next goal. Collect all coins in your path, you will need them. Coins, precious stones, and extra lives can also be found in casks, pots, chests, and strange yellow crystals growing from the ground. To get things out of them, you need to hit them with the sword.

Movement is controlled by W, A, S, D keys. Movement of the mouse rotates the direction of viewing and movement. With the left mouse button, you hit with the sword, with the right you aim. Jumping is with the space key (there is double and triple jump that can be done by pressing the space key two or three times). With the E key you can talk to people, read signs, and so on. In some cases, a special action is performed with the F key. There are also various combinations such as jumping with the space and Shift during the jump that shakes the ground and stunts the aliens you fight with. All the combinations can be found on the information boards. And most importantly, for the biggest and most beautiful mission, the game will ask you to have a pre-order account and log in. Because the gameplay development and commercialization plans seem to have been discontinued, you can click on a preorder, then on the login and go to the level without an account.

We wish you happy gaming.

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