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X-Force: Fight For DestinyX-Force is a game inspired by the classic series UFO: Enemy Unknown, XCOM: Terror from the Deep и XCOM: Apocalypse, where player defend the Earth from alien invaders.

These games represent a unique blend of research, strategy and tactics. Just the kind of game that (unfortunately) didn't occur frequently.

In contrast with other variations of the UFO games, X-Force is slightly different as gameplay.
Despite the differences from the classic interface, learning to play the game is fairly quickly.

Definitely X-Force is a game that must be seen.
Don't miss UFO - Alien Invasion, a game that is more close to the original idea.

Good luck in the fight against the aliens! Enjoy the game.

Direct download of version 0.915b3 for Windows from here:
DOWNLOAD X-Force: Fight For Destiny v.0.912

Download page at the official site:
DOWNLOAD X-Force: Fight For Destiny

Official site:
X-Force: Fight For Destiny - Site

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