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UFO-AIIn this real time strategy, you are the X-COM - a team created to fight the alien invaders. You keep fighting and meanwhile research everything you found during your battles. Finding new types of weapons, and valuable intelligence, your goal is to defeat the aliens.

The UFO games are well known to the fans. Unfortunately, the newer versions are away from the original idea. UFO AI (Alien Invasion), however, is a game that brings together a best of all old x-com games, keeping that familiar thrill of the first UFO.

The game is under continues development and improvement. Each successive version has something new. This is not a game that you play to the end and never play again. Download and play! You will not regret.

If you have an Android device with at least a 4-inch screen and at least 512Mb RAM, you can find the game in android market. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=net.sourceforge.ufoai (unfortunetly the game is not available in PlayStore anymore)

Direct download of version 2.5 (1.3Gb) for Windows from here:
*DOWNLOAD UFO - Alien Invasion v2.5
Download page at the official site:
Download UFO-Alien Invasion
Official site:
UFO Alien Invasion - Site


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