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Mercedes CLC Dream Test DriveMercedes CLC Dream Test Drive is 3D racing simulator and as you can predict - it is about Mercedes CLC cars. As it should be, the graphics
and the sound are good as in commercial game.

It is easy to play game. The cars are not going to brake down and the driving is easy (its quite the opposite of the BMW game). The landscape is state of the art and its very realistic (you are driving in London)

As conclusion - it's a game worth tying and it is FREE. Download and try driving a Mercedes. It's not the real live, we know, but it's something ;)

The car is controled with the arrow keys. The space key controls the handbrake. "L" key switches on and off the headlights. "C" key changes the camera view.


Official game page at the  Mercedes site (download avaible):
Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive - official page and DOWNLOAD

Note: The official game page redirects to invalid address, but the game is still available and can be downloaded from other pages ... just search for it:
Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive - official page and DOWNLOAD

Game developer's site:
Mercedes CLC Dream Test Drive - Developer's Site

Game intro and gameplay video:

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