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BMW M3 ChallengeBMW M3 Challenge is a 3D racing simulator with an amazing degree of realism. The graphics are excellent. There is a nice replay after you finish the game. Can be played online on a network or on a game server.

Maybe we can say that the realism is a little too much. The game is terribly difficult and is rather a simulator with which you can understand that if you go out with the 'bavarian' on the road and enter a 90-degree turn even at 50 km/h, it would throw you into the ditch (which, even if with a real car is so - it's just a game after all).

Unlike other games where you just play and don't pay much attention to the car's technical capabilities - in this one you have to think more about whether you can take the turn or it's better to get out and push the car. :) I advise you to turn on automatic speeds when you start, you can try the manual ones by getting used to 'realism'.

Still, the game is definitely worth it. And the intro can almost make you buy a BMW.

(note: the site is no longer active, but fortunatly everithing is archived in web.archive.org)

Direct download of version 1.0 for Windows from here (archived in web.archive.org):
DOWNLOAD BMW M3 Challenge v1.0

Download page (archived in web.archive.org):

Official page (archived in web.archive.org):
BMW M3 Challenge - Site

Game intro and gameplay video:

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