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C-EvoAnother strategy game, inspired by the Civilization game. It futures great AI and reasonable graphics. And the most important -
it is very small (3,5 Mb to download and about 7Mb after installation)

Version 1.2.0 is complete and stable version, with all known bugs fixed.

Here comes the only one 'bad' thing in the game. The fast keys are not described in the help. Some of them are hard to guess. For example, to upgrade the terrain, you must use the E key. You can bring your army to home, by H. If we ignore the missing fast keys description, the help is complete.

As for the design, there are two menus, that are left with windows default theme. One can get use to it, but at first look it is not good looking.

The game is good enough to try it and have many hours of fun with it.

Direct download of version 1.2.0 for Windows from here:
DOWNLOAD C-evo v1.2.0

Download page at the official site:

Official site:
C-Evo Site
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