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WideLandsWideLands is a real-time strategy game, that is similar the the Settlers game. It begins with a small tribe and a castle, where the resources are stored. During the game you have to build, gather resources like woods, food, iron, gold. You are not alone, sooner or later, you'll meet other tribes and you will start fighting.

Widelands offers a unique game play. The road system has a leading role in your economy. All the goods you gather and produce must be transported. That's done by transporters, that uses the the roads. It's your job, to decide the optimal routes.

Other unique thing about the game is the way you command the tribe. There is no need to give orders separately on every member, as you can have hundreds of workers after all. Instead, if you start to build a building for example, the builders will came on their own. It is the same when you decide to attack an enemy - you gave the order, soldiers do the attack. It's like kings dream, just say and every one is smart enough and obeys.

Widelands offers single player mode, with different campaigns, as well as multilayer over LAN or Internet.

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