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Free Droid RPGFreedroidRPG is a sci-fi rpg game in which your character is a free robot (droid) who must complete various missions, fight against other robots and constantly improve to achieve his goals.

The game is full of action and lots of dialogue to help you understand what's going on around you.

The story in the game tells about a world destroyed by the conflict between bots and their human masters. You are a merciless robot penguin on a mission to save the world from rebel killer robots. You have to choose which way to start acting, as the game constantly offers you the possibility of countless decisions depending only on you.

The game, like "Diablo", has real-time combat with melee and ranged weapons. There are even 20 systems with "magic". For example, remote hacking of robots ;)

During the game you can use over 50 different items and fight many different enemies. However, the dialogue should not be forgotten. Like in "Fallout", dialogue provides invaluable insight and guidance and makes up a large part of the gameplay.

Last but not least, it should be mentioned that the game is constantly evolving. Each new version is better, more developed and more interesting than the previous one. And most importantly, the game is open source and distributed for free!


Direct download of version 1.0-RC3 for Windows from here:
DOWNLOAD Free Droid v1.0-RC3

Download page at the official site:
DOWNLOAD FreeDroid-rpg

Official site:
Free Droid - Site

Gameplay video:
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