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Sand Racers (buggy)Buggy simulator, in which you drive a buggy through sand dunes, racing  in with other buggies and all this in 3 different game modes.

The game modes are:
* Race - finish first to win. You have to pass a number of checkpoints (indicated with green and having green light shining from them to the sky, so you can find them easy).
* Battle - Destroy all enemy buggies. The last survivor wins.
* Collect - Collect rolling balls of different colors. You want to collect more of them.

In the game you can shoot with a machine gun and rockets. Search and collect missiles through the race track, so you can use them when needed.
Also you can use nitro acceleration. Again the nitro can be found on the track and you have to collect it before use it.
Other bonus that can be collected is a bumper. It helps when against rolling land-mines collisions and collisions with other buggies.

Game controls:

    Arrows - Turning, acceleration and brakes
    Spacebar - Handbrake
    Left Ctrl - Shooting (with the machine gun)
    Left Alt - Shooting (a rocket)
    Left Shift - Nitro
    F1 - Help
    1,2,3 - Change camera view
    M - Camera zoom out

The game is very good. The only drawback is the game's menu, that is a little bit lame, but you will get use to it.

Download, unzip (in fact it's a rar archive so probably 'unrar' is maybe more accurate) and you're ready to play.

Direct download for Windows from here:
DOWNLOAD Sand Racers

Download page at the official site:
DOWNLOAD Sand Racers

Official site:

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