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GTA и GTA2 GTA is perhaps the most famous series of car games. The uniqueness of the idea is generating huge interest from gamers since last millennium. Now, RockstarGames, the owner of the GTA games, provides GTA and GTA-2 for free..

Use the official links below to download those games for free and legal. You will need existing e-mail address, to which a download link will be sent. !

Both games are recompiled in a way, that makes possible the games to run on newer windows versions.

In brief for those game:

* GTA (Grand Theft Auto)

GTA the first game from the series, released at the end of 1997 with unprecedented success. Now the game looks a bit retro, but it still remains interesting to play. See how it looked at the beginning - download it from the link below:

Official link for downloading GTA

* GTA-II (Grand Theft Auto 2)

GTA-2 appeared in 1999. The game retains its original idea, but this time with much better graphics. In addition to the money in the second part, there are also points of respect that open up new mafia missions and make the supporters of one of the other 2 mafias ruthlessly shoot you when you pass through their territory.

Official link for downloading GTA-2

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GTA-2 Intro
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