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Дядо Мраз в бедаSanta Claus in trouble is a fun 3D Christmas game. Merry Christmas melodies and nice graphics make the game even more suitable for young, old and even older girls and boys ;)

In this game you will have to help Santa collect the presents that are scattered on the playing field. You have to collect all the presents to have Christmas.

Be careful not to fall while you are busy collecting gifts, because then you will have to go back. Beware of trolls, snowmen and gargoyles, as well as fire chimneys.

The game can be played with a mouse, keyboard or joystick.

If you play with the keyboard, you can use:
W and S for forward and backward movement (maybe with the arrows)
A and D to move left and right
with E with J or with the interval you jump
You can use Alt + F4 to exit the game (this will not show ads when you log out)

When palying with mouse:
The movement of the mouse rotates Santa
The right button is used to jump
Left navigation key

When playing with joystick:
The movement is with the joystick
Jump with the buttons

Direct download of version for Windows:
DOWNLOAD Santa Claus in trouble
Official site (no longer active):
Video review of level 9:
(a realy hard level)
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