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Wolf QuestWolf Quest: Survival of the Pack (not free anymore, just the demo is free) is a 3D game simulating the life of a wolf in the wild.

The player canjoina pack of wolvescomposed ofother online playersorcomputer-controlledwolvesandthroughtrial and error,instinctand experienceto achieve bothindividualsurvival andsurvival of the pack.The gamecan also be playedinsingle player(lone wolf).

In other words, you are a wolf and must survive. You'll have to hunt and eat to survive. When playing single player try to find a companion and create offspring. Still, you need to continue the species ;)

From version 2.0 you have the opportunity to grow small wolves and to mark (guess how ;) ) your territory. :)

ATTENTION!!! The game was free, but now is paid. There is free trial version.
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