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NexuizNexuiz is a sci-fi шутър based on the Darkplaces core (improved version of Quake core) In the game there are more than 20 single player levels and multiplayer deathmatch, guard the flag and other multiplayer team modes.
There are 9 different weapons.

The last opensource version is 2.5.2. The game will not be developed any more, at least not as opensource. The last free opensource version can be downloaded using the links below. Even that the official site list this game as "Nexuiz Classic" some people prefer to call it "Nexuiz The Original" ;)

If you are Nexuiz fan, don't be sad. There is a new opensource project to continue to develop the game, leavening it free and with open source. This project is: Xonotic.

If you want to try "the original" (or "the classic" if you prefer this name) you can do it from the "download" section on the official site.

Official download page:

Official site:

Game video:

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