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Hidden and Dangerous DeluxeHidden and Dangerous Deluxe is tactical game where you manage team of soldiers during the World War II.

Each of the soldiers can be managed as in a FPS game, or you can assign tactical command to the soldier.

The first mission looks like it will be too easy, but it is actually quite difficult and many people despair and give up the game. It is worthwhile to see the video below to find out how the first mission is going.

With each mission, the game becomes more tactile and, above all, more difficult. :)

The plus and minus keys changes to the point of view. The sniper can be used only when the camera is set to be the soldier's point of view. You can zoom in and out the sniper and binoculars by holding Z and moving the mouse. Check out other controls in the game options.

It is good idea to turn on the sight from the options and maybe you will want to turn on the targeting line as well.

Good luck!

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Video of the game (4th mission):
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