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GoliathGoliath is a military shooter game in which you run a military machine. The goal - to stop the enemy attack.

This is a team game. The player takes over the management of 1 of 16 combat machines (the other 15 are controlled by a computer or other players). This group is known as Road Warriors and protects the world from the terror of a huge and seemingly indestructible tank called Goliath.

The player can choose between several types of military vehicles, ranging from buggies to machine guns and heavily armored trucks with multiple weapons.

Although the long-term goal of Road Warriors is to destroy Goliath, the player will also have to perform various missions, such as rebuilding factories (to produce different types of machines the team will use) and protecting other buildings and vehicles (eg fuel tank cars).

Goliath can be played in single player or multiplayer mode with up to 15 players. Unassigned items up to 16 (the size of the team) are controlled by the computer. Players can also join a multiplayer game that has already begun by takeing the place of a computer-controlled player.

Direct download (from web.archive.org):
Download Goliath

Official site (as archived in web.archive.org, because the site is closed):
www.goliathgame.com in web.archive.org

Game trailer (in WMV format) can be downloaded from here: http://web.archive.org/web/20080307021814/http://www.goliathgame.com/_media/goliath_trailer_med.wmv

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