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Excalibur-Mrogana's revengeExcalibur - Morgan's Revenge is a 3D adventure shooter with epic and deep storyline. As a federal infantryman after his last mission, you are on board the Cronos space exploration ship, where you understand that your heaviest mission is yet to come.
Cronus's artificial intelligence, called Merlin, explains to you the time travel technology and reveals your new mission: to save mankind from evil Morgana and her subjects.

You'll have to go through jungles with dinosaurs, medieval castles, you'll end up in battlefields in the future, you'll use weapons of all ages, including the mythical sword Excalibur and all for one purpose - to stop Morgana's diabolical plan.

The adventure of the game extends into 42 single play levels and 27 multiplayer levels.

This game will take you to a new and different world in which truth and honor are not just fairy tales and knightly courage defeats the dark forces. Experience the unique feel of the game.

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