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Area 51
Distress call arrives from the secret base Area 51. Security breach allowed a dangerous virus to infect the staff. Major Kohl is the only one that can help.

Midway released Area 51 for free, allowing you to enjoy the PC version of this sci-fi shooter developed by Inevitable Entertainment. In Area 51 you will hear the voice of David Duchovny as hazardous materials specialist Ethan Cole, Powers Boothe is the voice of Major Bridges and Marilyn Mason as the voice of the gray alien Edgar.

You play as Major Kohl and you will come across many huge levels in Area 51. You'll see the effects of the dangerous virus over infected people, turned them into mutants and controlling their brains.

With lots of different human and alien weapons, the player (you) must uncover conspiracies as the crash in Roswell and false landing on the moon in order to solve the enigma of Area 51 before the viral mutagen infect the entire planet.

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Area 51 - Sponsored by the US Air Force

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