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Belote Belote (Bridge-Belote) game, with good IA, and an option to play in network, against your frends.

This game is free, but be aware, that the interface in in Bulgarian only! (look below for a link to Bridge in english)

The game has good help, that includes the rules, tips and tactics for the game. Also there is a 'show all cards' mode, that allows inexperienced players to see how the game is played.

The game doesn't require registration or internet connection and can be played offline against the computer, or online in network with your friends.

For those who hasn't cirylic font, the game can be swithed to "transliteration" mode, that transliterate the cirylic in to latin chars (also known as "shliokavitsa"). Transliteration mode can be used to workaround fonts problem or by foreigners, learning bulgarian, so they can easily read the text. If you want to know more about the belote card game rules and history, please visit this article in Wikipedia.

There are different settings about the game speed, back of the cards and players names.

Direct download of version 2.06 for Windows from here:
DOWNLOAD Belote  v2.06

Official site:

If you are interested in pure (Contract) Bridge (not Belote Bridge) please look here.
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