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Moon PatrolThis is the well known old arcade game Moon Patrol, but know with a modern look. It's a game that has to be played.

Well known in the past Moon Patrol is a game that has its presents in almost all arcade game centers. There was also 8 bit version for Apple II as well as 16 bit DOS version for PC. There was also Atari and Comodore versions. It was a total hit.

Now you can play this addicting game for free on your PC under Windows. Just download the "Moon Patrol - new path".

The gameplay is preserved - your moon buggy going forward (and this forward is in fact the right on your screen as you have side view point to the buggy) and as it moves, you have to avoid holes by jumping over them and you have to shoot everything flying above you or placed in front of you (like mines).

Controlling the game is easy - Arrow up is for jumping, right arrow is for going faster, left arrow is for going slower and the space is for shooting.

If you are curious about the game and its history, you can find more information in the Wikipedia article: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Moon_Patrol

If you wanna try the game, just download the archive from the link below, extract the files somewhere in your hard-drive (or on a flash-drive if you want it portable) and start the exe file.
Have a nice time playing!

Direct download of version v1.1 for Windows from here:
DOWNLOAD Moon Patrol v1.1

Download page at the official site:
DOWNLOAD Moon Patrol

Official site:
Moon Patrol - Site

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