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Rise and Fall: Civilizations at WarRise & Fall: Civilizations at War is RTS game based on historical events. In this game, in addition to the standard RTS gameplay, there is "hero mode" that will give you the control on your character. It's an unique game, that some people likes, some people don't. However, this should not stop you from checking it out. You may like it.

The game can be played in single-player and multi-player mode. In single player mode you can play against up to seven computer player. Multi-player mode allows players to assemble. The game has campaigns (in single-payer mode). The campaigns are Alexander the Great and Cleopatra.

The campaign of Alexander the Great is presented conquest of Asia. The campaign begins with an impressive intro showing the murder of Alexander's father - Philip II of Macedonia. The video shows Alexander as young, naive and unprepared to rule prince on which suddenly falls the responsibility of the crown.

The Cleopatra campaign focuses on Cleopatra VII and her efforts to prevent the invasion of Octavian. As the Roman legions took control of much of Egypt, Cleopatra with her brother Ptolemy and her lover Mark Antony, try to protect the free areas.

Now the most important - you can download the full version of the game from the link below.The file is 2,4Gb.

Download from here (2,4Gb):
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Game trailer:
Here it is - the hero mode:

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