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Command & Conquer: Red Alert The 2 full CDs of Command & Conquer: Red Alert can now be downloaded for free. C & C RA is a game that set

a milestone for the modern real-time strategic games.

Both versions of the game Allied and Soviet, reveal two different stories of the saga. The game basically presents a complex military conflict between the US and the former Soviet Union.
Which country will join is up to you and you can choose by running one of the two CDs ;)
On August 31, 2008 marked 13 years since the game sold over 25 million copies worldwide.
Perhaps you have already played game, now you can download it for free (and legally) for your collection.
If you have not played (which is a big miss), we - the team of freeigri.com, deeply regret and we invite you to download the game using the links below. ;) We hope that you will like the game.

If you want to know more about this game, we encourage you to visit this article in Wikipedia: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Alert_(computer_game)

Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Allied) CD

Want to play with the Americans (I mean ... the allies).

Download it here:
DOWNLOAD C&C RedAllert Allied CD

Command & Conquer: Red Alert (Soviet) CD

Want to play with the Russians.

Download it here:
DOWNLOAD C&C RedAllert Soviet CD

Command & Conquer - official site

Want to see new versions of the C & C?
Official site:
Command & Conquer - Site

OpenRA (C&C Red Alert, open source игра)

Free version of the game with open source and mod for Dune2000 - click here

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