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Nitronic Rush A futuristic 3D racing game inspired by the Tron movie.

This game is quite different from the traditional racing games. The car can fly, can jump and has boosters that can be (and must be) used during the game.

The tracks themselves have a very futuristic look and are high above the ground (make sure you keep the track and not fall down somewhere:)). There are ramps and loops, that make driving on the track a challenge. There are lots of obstacles and crashing your car, at least in the beginning, will be quite common thing. It is highly advisable to first go through the tutorial and get used to the obstacles and with the controls.

Let's not forget to mention the nice soundtrack and the sound effects of the game, that are in line with the futuristic view.

Downloading will require a torrent client. A torrent link is located on the download page, which can be accessed by clicking the download button below. There are enough seeders, so downloading the game (~ 350Mb) will be fast.

Link to the official download page:
DOWNLOAD Nitronic Rush

Official site:

Game trailer:

Make sure you've selected high definition, to play the clip. Go to the setup icon (the gear icon) and choose HD instead of automatic. Note that the setup icon is available after you've pressed play.

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