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Blip & BlopBlip & Blop: Balls of Steel is funny game with kind of unique combination of idea-realisation. Now you can avenge those snick y smurfs, then to get rid of Pikachu and the other stupid pokemons. Don't forget Mario and Luigi. You have may weapons against them like cow shits and bombs. You will see may funny dialogues. Just can't believe how addicted this game can be.

Everything that we can say for this game is only good things. The only one that can't be said, is that this game is suitable for children :) But who cares. We just wont put it in the kids games section and we will leave it here.

Enough speaking - time to download and play the game. While you wait the download to complete, look at the game video below.

Direct download of version for Windows from here :
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Official site:

Game video (first level):

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